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Bio-Artography – Science meets Art

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Photo credit: Bioartography

Photo credit: Bioartography

These stunning images look like something out of an art exhibition. As a matter of fact, they are on exhibit and for sale, but they are actually scientific images of tissues and cells captured using microscopes.

The images are part of a project called Bio-Artography founded by the University of Michigan’s Center for Organogenesis. In this research group, scientists study organ formation, function, and disease in hope of finding cure for organ diseases and developing better treatment for organ damages. Continue reading –>




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Art in Science — Protein crystals

***This blog has moved to a new location. Visit the new site for more posts and updates! (http://www.SomethingAboutScience.com)***

Believe it or not, science can be quite artistic.

Here, I am going to draw an example from my research laboratory, where we look at particular proteins that are very important in the heart- and skeletal-muscle functions. But the proteins are way too small to actually look under a microscope. One way to find out how they look like is to use a nanotechnology called protein X-ray crystallography. The basic principle is that when a protein crystal is shot with an X-ray, it gives out a unique diffraction pattern, which appears as multiple, tiny dots. These dots allow us to figure out the exact whereabouts of the atoms making up that protein, giving us the exact shape, or structure, of the protein. Continue reading –>


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