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Avatars in cancer research — the road to personalized cancer therapy

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One of the challenges in cancer treatment is the development of resistance against anti-cancer drugs. It would be necessary to switch to new drugs, but knowing which drugs are the most effective for the patient is difficult, and testing different drugs puts the patient at risk. Mouse “avatars” might be a rescue.

Nude mouse (athymic mouse). Special thanks to ...

Nude mouse is often the choice for xenograft models. Photo credit: Armin Kübelbeck

The term “avatars” are informally given by cancer researchers to refer to mice or other animals with human tissue implanted onto them. More formally, these models are known as xenografts (implantation of a tissue donated from one species onto a recipient of another species). Patient-derived human tumor tissue xenograft models are made by implanting mice with a portion of patient’s tumor tissues. The expectation is heightening in the recent years as researchers hope that this method will guide us to personalized cancer therapy. Continue reading –>


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