A fairytale — How to (or how not to) give an effective PowerPoint presentation

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If I asked you to think of a scientist, you probably imagined a madman wearing a dirty lab coat and holding test tubes. Another cliché is a scientist giving a boring and mind-numbing presentation. (By the way, being a researcher myself, I dare say that both examples here are quite often true…)

I came across a video recording of a talk sponsored by TEDxSingapore, which might help scientists beat the ho-hum-talk stereotype. This also would help anyone giving a presentation at school or at work. In the talk entitled, The Princess, the Witch, and the PowerPoint, Coleman Yee uses a fairytale analogy to show us how people often misuse PowerPoint.

Coleman Yee’s talk is quite amusing and worth watching. Enjoy! Watch the video –>



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3 responses to “A fairytale — How to (or how not to) give an effective PowerPoint presentation

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  2. yo

    hehe, sadly i found the witch’s powerpoint entertaining! i am so the witch type!!
    i guess it’s really up to how you want to use it in the end, but simple the better– that i agree!

    • Certainly, Witch’s presentation was amusing in itself 🙂 (My favorites are the “irritating” sound effect and the super complex animation of a guy riding on a horse!) Thanks for leaving a comment!