A giant squid — Caught on video for the first time

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140 years after a giant squid attacked the submarine Nautilus in Jules Verne’s masterpiece, the formidable creature has finally been caught in the act.

A giant squid in its deep-sea habitat was captured on camera for the first time ever, thanks to the efforts of the joint expedition consisting of scientists led by a Japanese zoologist, Japanese filmmakers and broadcaster, and the Discovery Channel.

A close-up image of a giant squid in the deep ocean

After the first photographs of the giant squid in the deep water appeared in 2004, obtaining video footages of the creature in its habitat had remained a challenge. The mission took the team 100 dives and 400 hours of recordings to succeed. The video was taken last summer (July 2012) in the Pacific Ocean – 1000 kilometers (600 miles) south of Tokyo, at the breath-taking depth of up to 900 meters (2950 feet). Watch the video –>



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