Repairing the injured heart — Regenerative medicine takes another step forward

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Think heart failure is incurable? Think again. Regenerative medicine could restore an injured heart – just by an injection to the heart.

Regenerative medicine is an increasingly popular field in the health sciences. Whereas traditional regenerative medicine looked at embryonic stem cells, more and more researchers are investigating adult pluripotent stem cells (stem cells deriving from adult cells). One of the advantages of using adult pluripotent stem cells is that complications arising from rejection after transplant can be avoided if a person’s own cells are used. Furthermore, some researchers are interested in reprogramming adult cells directly into another cell type without the cells having to go through stem cell stage; this prevents the unwanted possibility of stem cells forming into tumors at the site of transplant. Continue reading –>

Embryonic stem cells




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6 responses to “Repairing the injured heart — Regenerative medicine takes another step forward

  1. Charles Versaggi

    FYI: Dr. Eric Olson et al. (Dr. Srivastava’s post-doctoral mentor), also published a similar study of fibroblast reprogramming in the May 2012 issue of Nature showing what appears to be higher conversion of fibroblasts to cardiomyocytes by adding an additional transcription factor.

    • Dear Charles: Thank you for pointing me out to the new study. Comments that help improve my posts are greatly appreciated! I have now added the study by Dr. Eric Olson et al. at the end of the post and also in the references section.

  2. Teaching Cardiac Rehabilitation I frequently stated “I hope I can avoid a heart attack through lifestyle, but if I do have one I hope science has progressed to be able to scrape skin cells out of my cheek, and re grow my own functional heart muscle.” It is right around the corner…well almost.

    • Dear rehabilitateyourheart: Yes, exactly! It would be wonderful to use one’s own cells for treating any kind of disease/organ failure/injury, and it’s happening “soon” 🙂

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