Global epidemics of diabetes — the rising numbers

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Diabetes is causing growing health concerns worldwide, and the statistics show shocking figures. Also read on to find out the differences between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

About 350 million people in the world have diabetes – that’s almost the combined populations of North America! The global cases of diabetes have doubled over the past 30 years. Diabetes is becoming a growing concern especially in developing countries, where rapid growth in the economy has allowed the people to transition to a new lifestyle – eating sugar- and fat-rich food and having less physical activities. In fact, it is said that 80% of the global cases of diabetes occur in developing countries. Continue reading –>



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6 responses to “Global epidemics of diabetes — the rising numbers

  1. Cathy

    wow…didn’t know so many people in China have diabetes.

    • Hi Cathy. Even worse, many people go undiagnosed for diabetes. (You wouldn’t notice higher blood sugar level until you get some kind of phenotype, right?) You can find more statistics in one of the references “Diabetes in number.”

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  5. Arthur Beiley

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