Growing back the hair — Bioengineered organ replacement therapy

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Organ replacement regenerative therapy is one of the intensely studied areas in medical science. It promises the possibility of replacing organs that are damaged by disease, injury, and aging. Rather than transplanting an organ from another donor into a patient, researchers are investigating the ability of patient’s cells to be modified (or bioengineered) to grow into a specific organ. One application for bioengineered organ replacement therapy is the treatment of balding — by growing back the hair.

Nude mouse with human hair growing on its back.

Current treatment options for balding include medications that stimulate hair follicles into growing hair or reduce certain hormones associated with balding. However, continuous use of these medications is required and, even then, results are not always successful. Another option is transplant of healthy hair follicles from area of the head that is not balding, but the number of possible transplants is limited to the number of healthy hair follicles available. Continue reading –>



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