Chocolates are good for the heart? — The power of flavonoids

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Last week, I emphasized that chocolates are toxic to dogs and may have given you a bad impression of eating cocoa products. This week, I will discuss the potential benefit of eating chocolates to maintain a healthy heart. Does it sound too good to be true?

Ok, not exactly the gift, but something for he...

The concept that cocoa products are beneficial to our health is not new. Even before the time of Christopher Columbus, cocoa had been revered in the Mesoamerica as a plant with magical powers. In Europe, the plant was used for diverse medicinal purposes, including the treatment of heart pain. However, the medicinal value of cocoa has been nearly forgotten until recent years. Continue reading –>



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6 responses to “Chocolates are good for the heart? — The power of flavonoids

  1. There’s so much to learn about the science behind the good things we eat. Thanks for posting!

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  4. Happy to know such a thing about chocolates….tnks for post..