A fairytale — How to (or how not to) give an effective PowerPoint presentation

If I asked you to think of a scientist, you probably imagined a madman wearing a dirty lab coat and holding test tubes. Another cliché is a scientist giving a boring and mind-numbing presentation. (By the way, being a researcher myself, I dare say that both examples here are quite often true…)

I came across a video recording of a talk sponsored by TEDxSingapore, which might help scientists beat the ho-hum-talk stereotype. This also would help anyone giving a presentation at school or at work. In the talk entitled, The Princess, the Witch, and the PowerPoint, Coleman Yee uses a fairytale analogy to show us how people often misuse PowerPoint.

Coleman Yee’s talk is quite amusing and worth watching. Enjoy!

The key message here is simple, yet striking: “PowerPoint is there to help you. Remember, YOU are the presenter, not PowerPoint!” With so many cool features, it is easy to get carried away when preparing the slides. Let’s remember to keep it simple.

Happy presentation! :)

TEDxSingapore Speaker Coleman Yee

TEDxSingapore Speaker Coleman Yee (Photo credit: TEDxSingapore)

Coleman Yee is a web consultant and the self(?)-proclaimed Web Shaman. He also has worked as an educational technologist, leading classes on how to incorporate technology in teaching. In his blog, he notes, “No, I don’t think technology is necessary for effective education, but it sure can be useful.”

TEDxSingapore talks:

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3 responses to “A fairytale — How to (or how not to) give an effective PowerPoint presentation

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  2. yo

    hehe, sadly i found the witch’s powerpoint entertaining! i am so the witch type!!
    i guess it’s really up to how you want to use it in the end, but simple the better– that i agree!

    • Certainly, Witch’s presentation was amusing in itself :) (My favorites are the “irritating” sound effect and the super complex animation of a guy riding on a horse!) Thanks for leaving a comment!

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